Our English Project Week

From April 4th to April 8th we had an English Project Week at our school. Gill, Jacky, Lisa and Jerome, teachers from Great Britain and South Africa came to our school and worked with us for one week. We were split up in three groups and each group had its own teacher, but sometimes they switched.


Of course we had to speak English all the time. Only in the last lesson we were practising sketches and dances. We played different games in our classroom and we learned songs and dances. Furthermore we were baking Irish sodabread which we ate with butter and strawberry jam. We all had to design a cotton bag for the English Project Week. That was very funny. On the last day we had a presentation in our gym. We performed sketches and jokes in front of our parents and friends who had come to watch us. This week was great fun and we got to know a lot about British traditions.


Pupils of the third forms


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